We talked about whether we loved each other but there was no definitive answer from either one of us

Aside from these areas, things were great. I felt really at ease with her and I really enjoyed all the fun things we were doing together. It was so nice to finally have a companion again, and I cherished her company.

However, her non-chalant attitude towards her past kept resurfacing at the most inconvenient of times. At one point we were taking a romantic bath, and having a nice conversation about classic rock, and I mentioned that it seems that you never really here too much praise of the bass players. Then she blurted out ‘ I got with 2 bass players’ and before I had the chance to respond, she said ‘I can’t change the past, its part of who I am’, as if anticipating my response. I was mad, but I didn’t say anything that night. The next day, I confronted her and told her that what she said really did upset me, and that she knew how I felt about learning dirty details of her past. She didn’t apologize but she acknowledged my feelings. I was kind of in a dazed state, and I told her to just let everything out right now, from have a peek at this link her first peck on the cheek to the biggest gangbang she ever had – BIG mistake. I didn’t really want an answer, but the words had come out of my mouth. ) how it happened, etc. I didn’t know what to feel at the time, so I didn’t do anything immediately. The next day I consulted my friends, and began to vent wildly. I felt so disrespected. I ignored her for days, until finally I agreed to talk to her. My plan was to break up with her, but when we spoke I didn’t end up doing that. When we saw each other next, we talked and I told her that I wanted her to be more sensitive, and she responded with “I wont censor myself and you can’t try to control me”. We decided to stay together, but I still felt uneasy, although a little less so. I was still bothered by some things, like when she would get calls from one of her old ‘friends’ and she would sound so excited to talk to him, but she later said she felt uneasy because he would try and invite himself over. She said she didn’t want that, but that maybe she would go for coffee with him. I said it was okay with me for you to be friends with who you want, but don’t put yourself in any compromising situations.

We concluded we loved each other “sometimes”

We stayed together still. Then I moved, so we were no longer a floor away from each other. I went back to school, so we couldn’t spend as much time together. I was strangely feeling that we had actually been growing closer as a result, and she was getting to know my family and I hers. I felt like I was falling for her and that we were making good progress.

She began to tell me about a threesome she had with 2 guys, she told me their names (and even to look them up on Facebook!

I recently went to away to a conference for 4 days, and before I left we had a heart-to-heart talk. When I was away, I got a call from an upset girlfriend at four in the morning. She said she had just stormed out of that old ‘friend’s’ house after he made a pass at her. By the frantic tone she had, I thought she cheated on me and I was very disturbed – especially since I was in good state of mind prior to.

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